12 Makers to Know

1. Studio: .

Designers: Alex Rosenhaus and Drew Arrison.

Products: Simplex Hydrangea and Pink Crystal.

Standout: Handmade in Detroit, geometric frames of lacquered ash or maple are fitted with opalescent or antiqued glass to form jewellike wall mirrors.

2. Studio: .

Designers: Steve Nasker and Charlotte Stone.

Product: Palapa.

Standout: The husband-wife duo's lounge chair has a CNC-milled birch-plywood frame with the trippy Ziggy pattern in polyolefin macrame. 

3. Studio: .

Designer: Mia Herron Kantor.

Products: Calix and Gemma. 

Standout: After the designer perfects the cup and the vase forms in a modeling program, and tests 3D-printed prototypes, the stoneware gets slipcast in plaster molds, dipped in white glaze, and hand-airbrushed with pastel glazes, for an ombré effect.

4. Studio: .

Designer: Jongjin Park.

Product: Artistic Stratum.

Standout: Hundreds of tissue paper sheets are stacked, coated in slip, fired, and then formed with woodworking tools, resulting in porcelain objects resembling sea sponge or petrified wood. Through Uprise Art.

5. Studio: .

Designer: Wisse Trooster.

Product: Hands of Time DAE.

Standout: The limited-edition clock series comes from sanding discs discarded by Design Academy Eindhoven students that are mounted on a 24-inch-diameter backplate of birch and okoume-plywood and fitted with acrylic-plywood arms.

6. Studio: .

Designer: Alain Gilles.

Product: Chubby.

Standout: The simple milking stool gets a luxe update: a base of mouth-blown silvered glass topped by a foam seat covered in an acrylic-wool blend.

7. Studio: .

Designer: Douglas Fanning.

Product: Brass Edition Mobile.

Standout: White- or black-painted brass blades are milled with channels to house up- and downlighting LEDs and strung on a brass stem to compose kinetic pendant fixtures, handmade in the architect's Red Hook, Brooklyn, workshop.

8. Studio: .

Designers: Ben Blanc and Aja Blanc.

Products: Eos and Barrel. 

Standout: Warm metallics unite the bronze-tinted mirror, its cascading mane incorporating silk, mohair, and wool fibers precision-cut to a point, and the slim brass pendant fixture ending in a bulbous glass diffuser.

9. Studio: .

Designers: Jessie Young and Emiliana Gonzalez.

Product: Nido. 

Standout: The influence of art deco, Uruguay, and Los Angeles is present in curved lounge chairs available in black or brown leather, with a base of either bleached and stained walnut or waxed white oak.

10. Studio: .

Designer: Scott Cummings.

Product: Phase.

Standout: Each steel bowl in the texturized matte black set of three has a different pitch to reflect the stages of the moon and is welded to a square base for stability.

11. Studio: .

Designer: Caroline Zucchero Hurley.

Product: Natural Moons.

Standout: Simi Dabah's scrap-metal sculptures in Joshua Tree, California, inspired the textile designer's rustic yet sophisticated linen table runner, hand-stamped with nontoxic ink.

12. Studio: .

Designer: Dan Brunn.

Product: Hedy.

Standout: The architect's acrylic on canvas Two Bodies morphed from wall to seat and storage in a signed and numbered bench of hand-painted beech with two drawers.

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