6 New Products by Top Designers

Product highlights from this year's NeoCon.

Alter Ego by Dorothy Cosonas of KnollTextiles.

1. Designer: Dorothy Cosonas of .

Product: Alter Ego.

Standout: To celebrate the division’s 70th anniversary, a dive into the archives yielded a wool-nylon that recalls favorites from the ’40’s and ’60’s.

Coexist by Todd van der Kruik of Bentley Mills.

2. Designer: Todd van der Kruik of .

Product: Coexist.

Standout: This solution-dyed nylon carpet’s two-tone palette is intended to mix well with other styles from the Outskirts collection.

ColourForm by Carole Baijings and Stefan Scholten for Herman Miller.

3. Designer: Carole Baijings and Stefan Scholten for .

Product: ColourForm.

Standout: Scholten & Baijings designed not only the sofas and club chair but also the upholstery, Maharam’s Tracery nylon-wool blend.

Baja by Joey Ruiter for Nucraft.

4. Designer: Joey Ruiter for .

Product: Baja.

Standout: Inspired by surfing, these conference tables feature tops in wood veneer, plastic laminate, or back-painted glass.

Reed by Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub for Davis Furniture.

5. Designer: Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub for .

Product: Reed.

Standout: Traditional woodworking meets innovative plastic technology in Jehs + Laub’s stacking chair, with its oak legs and ultra-thin seat and back.

Nuez by Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World.

6. Designer: Patricia Urquiola for .

Product: Nuez.

Standout: A fold in each chair’s thermoplastic shell is the villamladebuky Hall of Fame member’s interpretation of a creased sheet of paper.

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