Artificial Intelligence-Driven Apps Deliver Relationship Advice

Want to find out if a text conversation is flirty or friendly? A new batch of apps, which use artificial intelligence to evaluate communication patterns, may have the answer. 

Inside the Controversial Plan to Cool the Planet

Could spraying chemicals into the sky reverse some impacts of global warming? Scientists are considering the possible benefits and risks of solar geoengineering, a controversial concept that could possibly cut global temperature increases in half.  

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Can Shifts in Skyscraper Design Eliminate Wind Tunnels?
Watch MIT's Unsettling Brain-Burrowing Robot Designed to Help Stroke Victims in Action

Biophilic Design Benefits Students, Even in Schools with Tight Budgets

Long before the term ‘biophilia’ entered the scientific lexicon in the 1970s, it served as an innate design practice. In Hellenistic Greek and Roman architecture, open-air courtyards functioned as the center of the home, providing a calming respite with fresh air, natural light, and views of nature. Though few homes today are built around secluded outdoor oases, biophilic elements enable designers to create similarly stimulating and restorative spaces in built environments, ultimately improving the health and wellness of those within them.    

Augmented Audio Experiences are the Future of Headphones
Is the Age of the Airship on the Horizon Again?
"Ice" to Meet You: The Mini-Submarines that Could Re-Freeze the Arctic

The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany outlined an ambitious plan to use miniature submarines to spray trillions of tons of artificially-created snow over western Antarctica, in an effort to halt the ice sheet’s collapse and save coastal cities across the world from sea level rise.

Cat Allergies Could Become a Thing of the Past

Scientists in Switzerland are working on a vaccine for cats that could bring relief to pet owners with an ill-fated allergy to them. The research group, HypoPet AG, claims their vaccine already shows some success in neutralizing a known allergen in our feline friends.

Fashion Makes Way for Innovative Eco Collections
Scientists Turn to Soap and Detergent in Quest for Battery Alternatives
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What’s Really in Your CBD?

CBD products are everywhere in 2019, from local bodegas to high-end boutiques. But as more companies tout the health benefits of their cure-all oils and balms, the Food and Drug Administration continues to grapple with ways to regulate what’s in them. 

Companies Are Betting on Sound for Brand Loyalty
Facebook Wants to Read your Mind
Will Your Next Smart Device be a Succulent?

Since apparently there are not enough people we can interact with in the world, we are now able to communicate with plants. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which has specific researchers for “cyborg botany”, has developed technology that allows plants to act as sensors and displays. 

The Electric Scooter Wars Are Fully Charged

Lyft has joined the likes of services such as Uber and Bird who have been integrating their vehicles into cities like Washington D.C. Coming later to the game has the advantage of working out the kinks from the other services to create a better model.

Corona Tackles Plastic Pollution with Stackable 6-Packs
Colgate Jumps on the Eco Train with Reimagined Toothpaste Packaging
Meet the Water Bottle That Cleans Itself

Another Beloved Brand Goes Green

Everlane and Adidas may be soaking up all the literal limelight right now for their forays into sustainable sneakers, but they'll soon by joined by Keds. The casual sneaker company will unveil a new collection built on a collaboration with textile company Ace & Jig, featuring shoes made entirely from scraps of waste material. The collection exemplifies Keds two-pronged approach to sustainable footwear, prioritizing ethical materials over trends. 

CRISPR Therapy Tackles Some of Humanity's Worse Genetic Ailments
Nestlé and Unilever Push U.S. Government for A Price on Carbon
Tezuka Architects Designs Super-Cute, Bubbly Nursery School
Would You Live in A 19th-Century Shopping Mall?

What happens to the shopping malls abandoned for online retail convenience? In most cases, they become derelict edifices of pre-internet capitalism. But America's oldest shopping mall, the Arcade Providence, is getting a new lease on life thanks to Northeast Collaborative Architects. The firm transformed the building into a mixed-use, multi-unit housing project with 48 charming and affordable micro-apartments that start at just $550 a month in rent. 

These Designers Are Shaping the Future of Water

Can design help solve the global water crisis? If so, how? That was the prompt given to designers by A/D/O by Mini and Jane Wither Studio for the Water Futures Design Challenge. Over 2,000 designs from over 30 countries were submitted, and on April 4th the winning projects were debuted. Read on to learn more about the winners and cast a vote for your favorite project. 

Rural America Is Experiencing A Solar Revolution
Burger King Will Give You A Free Whopper In Exchange For Virtual Arson
Denver Ad Agency Uses Artful Billboards To Drive Home Water Conservation Message

In The Future, People Will Move Through Cities In Multi-Directional Elevators

It may sound fantastical, even Wonka-esque, but future urban citizens will navigate their cities not by foot, but by a multi-directional elevator system called MULTI. First proposed in 2014, MULTI could use magnetic levitation technology to move multiple cabins of people up, down, and sideways in "hanging cities" of the future. These hanging cities, says squareone's Design Director Kostas Poulopoulos, will create "a three-dimensional mega-grid that combines towers and multi-story horizontal sectors into a 24-hour urban hub for live, work, and play."

Oslo Commits To Green Living With Wireless Taxi Charging
SETI's New Mixtape For E.T. Promises To Be Cosmically Cool
New Algorithm Turns Doodles Into Hyper-Real Imagery In Seconds
Get Busy Living Sustainably Or Get Busy Dying Sustainably

It may be taboo to discuss death, but the fact of the matter is that we modern day humans continue to mess up the planet long after we've stopped driving our cars or picking up our trash. Coffin production wastes natural timber resources, embalming leaches toxic chemicals into our water, and cremation emits chemicals into the air. That's why New York-based designer Shaina Garfield invented Leaves, a sustainable coffin that decomposes the body naturally with the aid of a fungi-laced rope and a pine wood surface.

Biodegradable Planters May Be Key to Reforestation

There's no question that reforestation is a critical component to combating climate change, but the manual labor and cost are frequently-cited deterrents to getting it done. Two Brazilian brothers may have found a solution to the problem. Their biodegradable planter protects seeds and saplings from ants and helps keep them adequately watered, enabling the baby plants to grow into the giants that people think of when they hear "rainforest".

Crustaceans a New Contender in the Fight to Find Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics
New 3-D Printer Uses Light to Create Bespoke Objects In Just 2 Minutes
Toronto's Quayside Neighborhood Is Going To Be Incredibly Cool and Green

Snøhetta Debuts New Chair Made of Recycled Fish Nets and Steel

According to Circular Ocean, some 705,000 tons of fishing gear are lost or discarded in the ocean every year. That's a lot of virgin nylon, a strong and durable material, floating uselessly in the ocean and even worse, strangling thousands of whales, sea lions, and other marine animals. Once the problem became apparent, a whole industry popped up around gathering these discarded fish nets and transforming them into viable new products. Internationally-renowned design firm Snøhetta joined the competition at the 2019 Stockholm Design Week with their S-1500 chair, which is made of recycled fishing gear and repurposed steel. Because it uses locally sourced recyclable materials, the S-1500 has one of the lowest carbon footprints on the market. 

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