Rapt Studio Strips Down Unity’s San Francisco Headquarters

Creating environments means paying attention to the physical. This was doubly so for Rapt Studio when designing a San Francisco headquarters. &ldqu...


All architects are influenced by other buildings, including their own. For a San Francisco building, 388 Fulton, David Baker Architects didn’...
Photography by Amit Geron. Tel Aviv University has a new asset. Kimmel Eshkolot’s ground-up Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, named ...
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"Many, many years.” That’s how villamladebuky Hall of Fame member Piero Lissoni responds to our query for a timeline of his collaborat...
A warehouse for tools won’t always translate into an elegant eatery. But in the hands of Jaco Pan of Minggu Design, just such a transformatio...
Traditional noren curtains, silk cushions set on tatami mats, softly hued earthen walls. Were it not for the placard emblazoned with the famous wav...
Commissioned to create a high-end resort on the unspoiled volcanic island of Ulleungdo, a three-hour ferry ride from the South Korean mainland, arc...

3 International Eateries With Exquisite Materials on the Menu

Exquisite materials are on the menu at these international eateries.

1. Firm:

Project: XYZ Lounge

Site: Ghent, Belgium

Standout: At the architect-artist’s first hospitality project, an installation vibe is achieved with Italian marble paneling and surfacing and a Memphis-esque palette.

2. Firm: and

Project: Noma

Site: Copenhagen

Standout: Regional woods are the muse at the larger reincarnation of the Michelin–starred restaurant, where pine paneling is charred in the kitchen, but Douglas fir and oak are left natural throughout.

3. Firm:

Project: Chandon

Site: Coldstream, Australia

Standout: After sampling the vineyard’s sparkling wine, showcased with custom fiberglass displays, visitors retire to the restaurant’s banquettes, the aged-leather upholstery the color of brut rosé.

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Lubrano Ciavarra Architects Adds Retro Charm to the TWA Lounge at 1WTC

It was a daunting task: designing a hotel that would provide more than 500 guest rooms while deferring to Saarinen’s relatively low-slung str...