3 High-End Homes With a Graphic Punch

When designing luxury residences, it’s crucial to create an atmosphere that makes the client feel at home. Artfully arranged furniture and a refined materials palette help convey mood, but sometimes upscale interiors need an extra touch.  takes spaces to the next level with a wide array of large-scale wall coverings, produced with UV digital prints and zero-VOC UV-cured inks, that embellish spaces with bold imagery and large-scale graphics. Below, we explore five high-end homes that use Astek patterns to create an elegant backdrop.

Astek collaborated with Martyn Lawrence Bullard to supply the reflective wall coverings for Tommy Hilfiger’s Miami abode. Pictured is the master bedroom, which features a ceiling in silver foil and walls in silver metallic geometric. The glossy qualities of both patterns complements a portrait series of Marilyn Monroe by late American photographer Bert Stern.

When interior designer Jeff Andrews was tasked with creating a comfortable bohemian-inspired space for NBA player Tyson Chandler and his wife Kimberly, he turned to Astek to rejuvenate the home’s living room. Andrews prominently uses Etched from the Glazed collection, a wallpaper line that recalls the texture of vintage ceramics with bold graphic patterns.

Celebrity photographer Don Flood’s Palm Springs home brims with flea market finds, artfully designed rooms, and eye-catching wallpapers from Astek’s FliePaper collection. FliePaper features graphic motifs ranging from tiny fauna and immense florals to unexpected found objects. Pictured are Fly and Blue Butterfly.


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