Brigada Brews Up a Smart New HQ for Croatian Agency Kofein


Lots of creative people rely on coffee for inspiration. But few go as far as the advertising agency : not only is their name the Croatian word for java; they also enlisted local firm to create a headquarters in Zagreb that offered all the buzz of a boutique coffee shop. The studio responded to the brief by creating plenty of café-style lounge areas and bright moments that contribute a dynamic yet polished flavor.

The CEO desired a mid-century style for his office, realized with custom furnishings manufactured by the local firm AR AREA. Photography by Jure Žiovic.

“The agency needed to move from a roughly 500-square-foot office in an apartment to a larger space,” says Brigada creative director . “The spatial organization needed to provide brainstorming areas, a kitchen and dining space, and a working area, all connected while remaining visually separate.”

An oak-veneer wall, with the corporate logo in metal, sets off Brigada’s custom reception desk and pendants, along with their Bloom table for guests. Photography by Jure Žiovic.

A small lounge greets visitors at reception, with Brigada’s own table; the interior is mostly open plan, with conference rooms defined by accent walls of lacquered trapezoidal lime. Works by local artists add inspirational touches to the industrial palette of concrete and steel. And just off to one side, floating above a nook of vintage sofas and rugs, a brainstorming lounge is encased in bent metal plates, plasticized in a red bold enough to perk up almost anyone.  

The custom tables in conference rooms stand on legs lacquered in the same color as the back walls, illuminated by Schrack Technik pendants; the chairs are from Diemme. Photography by Jure Žiovic.
Metal frames powder coated bright red mix with rough concrete basins in the bathrooms, and also form an easel for a graphic by Nebojša Cvetkovi?. Photography by Jure Žiovic.
Brigada tucked an open space underneath the bent metal staircase, with a vintage rug and painting by Mersad Berber. Photography by Jure Žiovic.

The firm’s Umamice stools pull up to a custom table in the dining room; further back, the kitchen cabinetry and bar are also custom. Photography by Jure Žiovic.
CEO Tomislav Kraja?i?'s office includes custom storage units that serve as stages for sculptures and other artwork, while secreting a mini-bar. Photography by Jure Žiovic.