MCX Matter: 7 Materials for Conductivity and Shielding

Material: Luminous fabric. Manufacturer: LumiGram. Composition: Fiber optic strands and textile yarns.

Material: Electric Paint. Manufacturer: Bare Conductive. Composition: Conductive carbon, resin, and humectant.

Material: Ness. Manufacturer: Design LED Products. Composition: LEDs, silver ink, and polymer.

Material: Ditra-Heat. Manufacturer: Schluter Systems. Composition: Heating cables, polypropylene, and woven fabric.

Material: Ynvisible Printed Electrochromic Display. Manufacturer: YD Ynvisible. Composition: An electrode, electro-chromic ink, and polyester film.

Material: Soric EMS. Manufacturer: Lantor. Composition: Copper mesh and nonwoven polyester.

Material: Temperature Inks. Manufacturer: CTI. Composition: Dye and developing agent.

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