The Once Nomadic Museum of Neon Art Finds a Permanent Home Crafted by Shimoda Design Group

A reproduction of 1950 signage from the Virginia Court motel in Meridian, Mississippi, is bolted to the roof of the Museum of Neon Art. Photography by Benny Chan/Fotoworks.

Ipe decking runs in front of the museum. Photography by Benny Chan/Fotoworks.

Entry is via the gift shop. Photography by Benny Chan/Fotoworks.

Neon art by the likes of Patrick Collentine, Bill Concannon, and James McDemas populates the 2,800-square-foot gallery. Photography by Benny Chan/Fotoworks.

A glass volume over the entry contains Collentine’s rotating glass Fernanda. Photography by Benny Chan/Fotoworks.

The gallery’s existing concrete floor was polished. Photography by Benny Chan/Fotoworks.

Demonstrations and classes take place in the workshop. Photography by Benny Chan/Fotoworks.

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