Haworth Collection to Offer BuzziSpace Acoustical Products in 2019

Haworth's Maari chairs gather around Compose tables. Photography courtesy of Haworth.

As the open office plan proliferates across the globe, office workers everywhere increasingly rely on acoustical paneling, lights, and other items to minimize noise and offer privacy in flexible breakout spaces. and , two brands well-versed in superior workplace design solutions, announced today their first acoustical product collaboration to address this growing demand. By 2019, specifiers will be able to order a curated assortment of BuzziSpace products through the Haworth Collection. BuzziSpace will continue to serve existing partnerships as an open line brand.

“To take BuzziSpace to the next level, I believe the partnership with Haworth—also a family business—will bring the synergies we are looking for,” says Steve Symons, founder and CEO of BuzziSpace.

Photography courtesy of Buzzispace.

"As a shareholder, Haworth sill support and encourage the independent development of the BuzziSpace brand, as well as all affiliated brands," says Franco Bianchi, president and CEO of Haworth.

The collaboration will be available to view this year at  from October 23-26.

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